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Much like its predecessor, La-Mulana 2 is a very challenging game with tough enemies, vexing puzzles and deadly traps. It is easy to get lost or stuck again and again, so this page provides some tips & tricks that will help you in your explorations through Eg-Lana. The information below may contain some minor spoilers, but should not contain any puzzle solutions or major spoilers.

Also check out the Gameplay page for more general information about basic concepts and mechanics in La-Mulana 2.

Taking Notes[edit | edit source]

Good note-taking is absolutely essential to avoid getting lost and spending hours backtracking. Below are some guidelines to help you identify what is important to write down.

Most Tablets provide useful hints, but their use may not always be obvious. The TextTrax 2 app will help you record tablets for later reference, but writing them down separately or taking screenshots is recommended to bypass the app's limited memory.

Using the Race Scanner app will let you see the author of each tablet. This can be very useful for making connections between certain areas, so don't overlook races that seem out of place.

Mantras are a major puzzle component used liberally throughout the game, and knowing which ones to chant in which locations will require you to pay careful attention to tablets and NPCs. These are usually indicated by color-coded words, so be sure to write them down wherever you see them. Failing to keep track of your mantras will result in a lot of needless backtracking!

While the Map is handy for seeing the layout of the area and the location of certain hot spots, you'll often find yourself in rooms with puzzles and mechanisms you can't solve yet. Eg-Lana is very large, so it is important to mark these rooms and their contents so you don't forget to return to them later. Of equal importance is noting room names, which are often referred to by tablets and NPCs.

Making Money[edit | edit source]

The Treasure Fairy is the surest way to make some fast cash. By summoning her, any pots you break will drop a fistful of coins for a short time. The most effective place to grind pots is in Icefire Treetop (C-4). Exiting the screen from the bottom will respawn all of the pots in the room, allowing you to effectively loop through and net 300-400 coins on average. The right Weapons and items can help you break pots faster, earning you even more per trip.

Additionally, keep an eye out for coin pots which drop a decent sum of coins when broken (but only once!). This can be multiplied by the Treasure Fairy as well, leading to high yields if you know where they are. Leave no pot unsmashed!

Lastly, there are certain Applications accessible later in the game which increase coin drops from enemies. With these active, you'll hit the coin limit before you know it.