Takamagahara Shrine

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Takamagahara Shrine

Takamagahara Shrine (Japanese: 高天原廟, "Takamagaharabyō" / lit. "Plain of High Heaven's Shrine") is a midgame section of the ruins. A remnant of the 1st Children, the Kotoamatsu, are sealed here. The area has a distinct Japanese theme.

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (D-2)
    • Place a weight on the left dais.
    • To reach the dais, use the Katana to break the floor in the room above where the blue skeleton is patrolling to reveal a ladder down.

Sacred Orb[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (D-5)
    • Break the floor with your Knife or Katana, then place a weight on the dais under the non-moving white platform. Run to the little hole in the left, because the white platform will try to crush you!

Crystal Skull[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (C-6)
    • Use the right-most moving platform to crouch-walk through the invisible wall toward the Life Seal and break it. Then, warp back to the Grail Tablet and use the 2nd moving platform from the left to walk through the left wall to get to the chest.

Egg of Creation[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (E-6)

Flare Gun[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (F-3)
    • From the top-left of the room, use the Gale Fibula to dash past all of the death traps. Jump just before hitting the wall to delay your bonk, and then place a weight on the dais. Warp back to the Grail Tablet, because (from what I can tell) there is no other way to escape this trap. This is possibly a bug, since there is a wall break effect, yet you still cannot pass through the wall.
      • Shurikens were effective in taking down the wall, not sure if there is a potential bug that prevents it for certain players.

Ring[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (B-4)
    • Bring Key Fairy Herja with you to (B-4), destroying the wall to the left from (C-4), then use the Katana to break the walls to get to the Life Seal she reveals, and to get to the chest, too.

Power Band[edit | edit source]

Puzzles[edit | edit source]

Get to D-7[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (D-6)
    • Break the floor at the far left of (E-6) using the Knife or Katana. Place a weight on the dais that appears. Don't let the left wall crush you!

Open access to Ancient Chaos[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (C-7)
    • Break the floor above the door.

Glossary[edit | edit source]

Belial[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (D-4)
    • Whip the bottom-right wall. Beware the wall enemy: It can OHKO you if it pushes you against the wall.

Raijin & Fujin[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (E-3)
    • Touch the bottom-left corner of the room.

Opening up A-2[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Amenotokotachi[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (D-6)

Shitateruhime[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (D-7)

Shops[edit | edit source]

Ash Geen[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (C-4) - Whip the wall to the right from the left side until it breaks and reveals the shop.

Map[edit | edit source]

1 Takemikazuchi's Anterior Chamber 0A1.png Takemikazuchi's Anterior Chamber 0B1.png Wall of Seals 0D1.png
2 Takemikazuchi's Room 0A2.png Spirit Palace 0C2.png Room of All Creation 0D2.png
3 Spirit Palace 0C3.png Room of All Creation 0D3.png Awagigahara 0E3.png Awagigahara 0F3.png
4 Dragon Path 0B4.png Dragon Path 0C4.png Wall of Seals 0D4.png
5 Divine Path Room 0C5.png Divine Path Room 0D5.png
6 Corridor of Pillars 0C6.png Corridor of Pillars 0D6.png Execution Room 0E6.png
7 Amano-Iwato 0C7.png Amano-Iwato 0D7.png