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This page is a reference for all of the tablets located throughout the game, grouped by field. Information provided includes the room coordinates, full text, image, and the author of the tablet (normally visible with the Race Scanner app).

The text is formatted with line breaks and colors as they appear in-game. The colors indicate concepts as follows (note that there may be some inconsistencies):

  • Steel Blue for locations and important objects
  • Lime for items and important hints
  • Red for Sub-Bosses and Guardians
  • Cyan for races and important Characters

Typographical errors are kept as-is and should not be corrected unless a later patch does so.

Roots of Yggdrasil[edit | edit source]

F-16th Child: Lokapala

This is Verdandi's Root.
The path to those who have dwelled in this land since ancient times.

G-16th Child: Lokapala

The path from the roots blocked at Yggdrasil Gate.
Beyond, the ancient land of origin, the Icefire Treetop.
The land of ongoing warfare, the Immortal Battlefield.
The land where the future of the Yggdrasil was set, Annwfn.

A-26th Child: Lokapala

Skuld's Root continues toward the future
Ratatoskr gnaws on the roots, before heading to the treetop.

B-26th Child: Lokapala

A seal unlocked by four sigils.
Sometimes they seal a path, sometimes power.

C-25th Child: Amarna

The path protecting the beast god Sekhmet, is protected by five mantras.
A path woven of five mantras.

D-25th Child: Amarna

This is Urd's Root, a path guarded by the black dragon Nidhogg.
The road to the land of the dead.

E-26th Child: Lokapala

The Trickster sealed by the goddesses.
Who invites the world's end.
Shall be cursed to an eternity of poison.

F-26th Child: Lokapala

The goddesses looked upon those wielding power, and wept.
They looked upon those wielding weapons, too, and wept.

RoY Tablet F-2.jpg
B-36th Child: Lokapala

Do not approach.
Do not attempt to grasp that which cannot be reached by your hands.

C-36th Child: Lokapala

Fools who thoughtlessly harm the holy relics held within.
Will suffer the divine wrath of the blue eye.

D-36th Child: Alfr

This is the Roots of Yggdrasil.
The roots that connect the world to the land of beginnings.

E-36th Child: Lokapala

The Holy Grail revives memories of lands once visited.
Hold it in hand, and rouse those memories.
Your very being shall be summoned thereto.

C-46th Child: Lokapala

Power is ensealed within Yggdrasil by mantras.
Yggdrasil leads they who can harness the 10 mantras.
Leads the holder of the Djed, to "the End".

D-46th Child: Alfr

- The Alfr Seeress' Prophecy Part II -
Goddesses live in the roots of Yggdrasil
Three goddesses who spin time
The time-spinning goddesses keep the roots of Yggdrasil watered
The spring is forever protected to keep Yggdrasil alive
O, three goddess protectors of Yggdrasil
Don't let the squirrel Ratatoskr get away
No place it visits is to be missing
The foul words of the black dragon Nidhogg that "the water has run out"
Shall reach Hraesvelgr in the treetops

D-46th Child: Lokapala

Welcome, denizen of the Mother's world.
This is the world of fools at constant war
A land of battle destined for ruin.
Are you the harbinger of ruin?
Or did you simply flow in on the tide?
You pitiful one, who will never know freedom from struggle.

D-56th Child: Alfr

You, who would stop time.
Light will be bestowed on you if you prove you have the power worthy of it.

E-56th Child: Lokapala

The seeking blue light sears flesh.
Rejecting all life.
Cold steel alone may pass unscathed.

C-66th Child: Alfr

Past the roots of Yggdrasil lies Annwfn.
The kingdom of the fairies who have foreseen the future of this world.

D-66th Child: Lokapala

Take note of the branches growing from Yggdrasil.
The areas branching off beyond a gate.
Those who fight and those who protect alike are ensealed within.

Annwfn[edit | edit source]

C-16th Child: Alfr

Power shall be bestowed upon ye who pushes the white box.

D-16th Child: Alfr

The black dragon Nidhogg dwells at the Roots of Yggdrasil.
The path forward will not reveal itself to the weak.
Venture forth with strength.

B-26th Child: Alfr

The Fairy King's Mausoleum lies ahead.
The resting place of the Alfr king who foresaw Eg-Lana's future.

C-26th Child: Alfr

- The Alfr Seeress' Prophecy Part III -
The Alfr saw the world of end
The fall of the mighty
Its inhabitants scorched away by conflict
Yggdrasil awakens
Saw the red star that grants a wish that is howled at the final gate

Annwfn Tablet C-2.jpg
C-26th Child: Alfr

Eg-Lana forms the body of the Original Child.
The Lokapala schemed to control Eg-Lana at their whim.
But they were opposed by another race - us.
We of the Alfr are loyal to the Fairy King, Frey.

D-26th Child: Alfr

Scan the mantra-engraved walls.
Their words hold power.
Those with the Djed Pillar will be able to harness mantras.
They will unleash the selecting of mantras curated by the virtual wise man.

Annwfn Tablet D-2.jpg
E-26th Child: Alfr

The Guardian Kujata was set upon Annwfn by the Lokapala.
Only to be sealed by an Ankh at the Alfr Seeress' hands.

E-26th Child: Alfr

The more powerful of the Alfr possess the gift of clairvoyance.
Their efforts to preserve their prophecy for Eg-Lana test the limits of their
defiance against the Mother's influence.

F-26th Child: Alfr

Kujata slumbers amid a Sea of Chaos.
You must possess a ship to cross the Sea of Chaos.
A ship of the Dwarf siblings Brokkr and Eitri's creation.

Annwfn Tablet F-2.jpg
B-36th Child: Alfr

Boldly go beyond the watery divide.

C-36th Child: Alfr

This is Annwfn.
The last bastion of resistance against those who seek to control Eg-Lana.

D-36th Child: Alfr

The Serpent King, Naga.
He seals the path to the virtual wise man.

E-36th Child: Alfr

The mantra-harnessing Alfr hidden relic, the Djed Pillar.
It is fated to be swallowed by Kujata, the Guardian of Lokapala creation.

Annwfn Tablet E-3.jpg
F-36th Child: Alfr

Ye who holds the 7th Children's figurine.
Unto your Holy Grail we shall bestow memories anew.

B-46th Child: Alfr

The Titan race of the 2nd Children was wiped out.
Their only remaining traces are their lands in the branches.
Set sail, and you will be guided to the Shrine of the Frost Giants.

C-46th Child: Alfr

Abandon your desires.
Do not lay your gaze upon them.
Power will be bestowed upon those who can turn their backs on their desires.

D-46th Child: Lokapala

Those who seek the golden key must first obtain the power to cling to walls.

D-46th Child: Alfr

Bear a cog at the Pit of Time.
The flow of time will run, leading to the path of its stilling.

Annwfn Tablet D-4a.jpg
D-46th Child: Alfr

You must possess the golden key.
The power of storms rests in the belly of the Great Serpent, Jormungand.

Annwfn Tablet D-4b.jpg
D-46th Child: Alfr

Ye who seek the feather to carry them to the high lands.
Traverse the Corridor of Blood and reach the Dark Star beyond.

Annwfn Tablet D-4c.jpg
F-46th Child: Alfr

Proceed if you yearn for either death or Heaven.

D-56th Child: Alfr

Heimdall will watch over the End from his perch atop the Rainbow Bridge.
He will demonstrate his power when, and only when, the End begins.
The blast of Heimdall's horn will mark the beginning of Yggdrasil's end.

Annwfn Tablet D-5.jpg
E-56th Child: Alfr

Ye who seek power.
Invoke the power of earth.

F-55th Child: Amarna

The golden rock keeps the Crystal from ascending to Heaven.
It will pass to the hand with the mark of life.

Immortal Battlefield[edit | edit source]

C-16th Child: Lokapala

A hole in the ground may well exist for a spear to pierce.

D-16th Child: Lokapala

Welcome to the land of human war.
Where battle over a ring of water continues without end.
This land will open itself when the ring of water is revived.

IB Tablet D-1.jpg
E-11st Child: Anunnaki

Present the 12 skulls.
The Master Skull will impart the secrets of Eg-Lana unto you.

G-16th Child: Lokapala

Ye who seek to open the flood gates.
Know that this water-locked land's awakening will also be the Great Serpent's.
When water of Yggdrasil's roots flows through these lands,
the Great Serpent shall be raised, and all paths will come alive.

B-26th Child: Lokapala

Ye who seek to bear the Gale Fibula must first pass the spear-bereft beast.
Only then shall you dash like the wind incarnate, your human potential unlocked.

C-26th Child: Lokapala

Two sigils lie hidden within dragons.
One seals the ship of life.

IB Tablet C-2.jpg
D-26th Child: Lokapala

Run like the wind. Let your feet carry you.

E-26th Child: Lokapala

There is an establishment that trades in live fairies.
Those who can win its favor may be able to buy these fairies their freedom.

F-26th Child: Lokapala

The Amarna were a race of 5th Children who meddled in the arcane mysteries of
life and death in hopes of escaping the Mother's influence. The Ennead fight
tirelessly to keep them sealed. The Amarna and the Ennead are exhiled behind
the Gate of the Dead. Wherein the light of souls keeps them sealed.

IB Tablet F-2.jpg
G-26th Child: Lokapala

Jormungand is sealed in this land.
A battle like a turbulent gale awaits they with the golden key of our making.

C-36th Child: Alfr

Catalyze the stoppered flow of time at the Pit of Time.
An ancient machine will duly deliver you to the Altar of Time.

D-36th Child: Lokapala

The Lokapala's secret altar.
An altar to the great god Indra, who wishes for the onset of the time of
destruction. Only those bearing the image of the Lokapala's protective deity will
be permitted into the divine fold.

IB Tablet D-3.jpg
F-35th Child: Amarna

There are no tablets recording the Dark Lord's footprints.
Trace his footprints in the lands of the Dark Star.
There Ra's servant Sekhmet guards Aten's Room and the Room of Judgement.

G-36th Child: Alfr

This is the Immortal Battlefield.
The water-locked roots of the great tree.

G-46th Child: Alfr

Soak in the water for your body will be healed.

H-46th Child: Lokapala

A path leading outside.
However, it leads to a fall off a precipice.
So that none may escape.

B-56th Children: Alfr

Beyond Nidhogg's gate.
There lies a tool to latch onto walls.
On the path between searing lands and the frozen.

D-56th Child: Aesir

Those who possess Mjolnir can harness storms.
Lightning that strikes them will be theirs to wield.
But be wary, for the body can only absorb so much.

F-56th Child: Alfr

- The Alfr Seeress' Prophecy Part I -
Sound fills the air
Heimdall blows his horn
Yggdrasil shakes
A screech whines from the towering, ancient tree
The Jotun are unleashed
Heimdall does not sleep
He keeps vigilant watch even through the night as the end encroaches

F-56th Child: Alfr

The ship is known as the Spiral Boat.
Seals protect the Spiral of Life, and the Spiral of Hell.
The two sigils hidden within dragons.
One of them seals the Spiral Boat.

G-56th Child: Alfr

The clashing lands of searing heat and freezing cold lie beyond Nidhogg's gate.
The lands of the peak of Yggdrasil, that constitute the Icefire Treetop.
Acquire the power to withstand both hot and cold.

A-61st Child: Annunaki

There are as many Mala Prayer Beads as worldly desires.
The beads weave together those whose desires drive them to fight tirelessly.
Even after their lives are exhausted.

B-66th Child: Alfr

There exists a gate to the Spiral Boat.
A gate sealed by nine souls.
Somewhere within Eg-Lana.

IB Tablet B-6.jpg
C-66th Child: Lokapala

Power will be bestowed to those who can withstand body-melting heat.

D-66th Child: Alfr

This is the Immortal Battlefield.
The fortress of those set on controlling Eg-Lana.

E-66th Child: Aesir

Those who possess Mjolnir can harness the power of storms.
Lightning that strikes them will be theirs to wield.
They simply need raise the hammer.
Bring the thunder hammer's might to bear upon the pillar it resembles.

IB Tablet E-6.jpg
F-66th Child: Lokapala

There are two sigils that are hidden within dragons.
Check the back of the three-eyed dragons.

I-66th Child: Lokapala

Step, together.

IB Tablet I-6.png
B-76th Child: Lokapala


E-76th Child: Alfr

Here the moon rises.
Speak to that effect.

F-76th Child: Lokapala

Acquire the illuminating ring of power.

IB Tablet I-6.png
G-71st Child: Kotoamatsu

Virtue is measured akin to a number of ox hooves.

H-76th Child: Alfr

- The Alfr Seeress' Prophecy Part IV -
She sees
The final land's vortex
A heavy price being paid
And then a memory
Of the final gate being pryed upon
By excessive power and the price it demands
And murderous, blood-drenched intent

H-71st Child: Anunnaki

The infernal fiend bites into the neck of the colossal dragon.
Thus binding the two together.

Icefire Treetop[edit | edit source]

A-16th Child: Alfr

- The Alfr Seeress' Prophecy Part V -
The Sun has no idea
Of the power it has
The Moon has no idea
That it has power at all
Dazzling stars remain
Smoke and flame rage
Flames frolic in the heavens
For the mighty have vanished
For its true form cannot be seen by starlight alone

B-16th Child: Alfr

Ratatoskr flits between Yggdrasil's roots and treetop.
But its body is an illusion.
Its true body lies in the Underworld.

E-16th Child: Alfr

Ratatoskr slumbers.
Trace the illusion's path, and seal it.
Then, the true body will awaken.

F-16th Child: Lokapala

The God of Prosperity, Ganesha.
Those who possess the talisman of Ganesha's protection will be blessed with

G-16th Child: Alfr

This is the Icefire Treetop.
The frozen treetop born of the Valley of Chaos.

E-26th Child: Lokapala

The heated waters of the plains gush with power.
The power to surpass the body's limits.
The power to erase stabbing pain.
The power to ease that which leaves the hand.

G-26th Child: Alfr

Incant words in the midst of the ominous, twisting swelter.
The two words that will illumine day and night.
That will lead to Underworld Gate, where Vidofnir waits.

A-36th Child: Alfr

Ye who seek the icey treetop, acquire the power to surpass Nidhogg.
Only those who swing around the icey pillar will reach the icey treetop.
The branch lands of the 3rd Children, who were punished for imitating the
Mother's power, lie beyond.

B-36th Child: Alfr

This is the Icefire Treetop.
The searing treetop born of the Valley of Chaos.

B-36th Child: Lokapala

Vedfolnir, a small eagle perched atop the head of a large counterpart.

C-36th Child: Lokapala

There is a talisman that can uncurse treasure.
A red jewel, the only of its kind in this world.
A jewel of the reddest red, representing Mother's life.

IFTT Tablet C-3.jpg
D-36th Child: Lokapala

This path is a land of unruly flames.
The searing treetop presided over by the giant Surtr.
Those not born of here have no hope of survival.

D-36th Child: Lokapala

This path is a freezing one.
The frozen treetop presided over by the Guardian Modgud.
You must pass the frozen pillar to proceed.

E-35th Child: Ennead

If it is the flow of water you wish to defy, the treasure of the dwarves will serve.

F-33rd Child: Olympian

Water flows from the eye of Chaos.
It watches the conflict between angel and demon and weeps at the disparity in power.

F-35th Child: Amarna

The secret hidden by the golden rock.
Hidden behind the wall pinned by the golden rock.

IFTT Tablet F-3.jpg
C-41st Child: Anunnaki

Brahma asked Atum, "What is creation?" Atum answered by assuming the form
of a green snake, before leaving for battle. "Creation is fighting to protect."

E-46th Child: Alfr

There is a tool that allows you to latch onto walls.
Simply by stretching out your hand and taking grasp.
With it, you could swing around a pillar polished to a mirror sheen.

C-56th Child: Alfr

The fairy that discovers secrets.
In their hand a small key.

D-56th Child: Lokapala

Sing, bird of prey, beauty begins at the foot of you.
Gaze upon that foot.

Divine Fortress[edit | edit source]

D-16th Child: Aesir

That is the medicine of the eternal life, sought after by countless deities.
A gift of paradise, it restores life after death.

"The horn blast of the End disappears into the wind of they who wish for eternity".
"Night continues for eternity, towards the Child's road left by the Mother".

B-26th Child: Aesir

Liquor passed down by a Lokapala sage. Our hidden treasure that allows one to
escape death but once. If you seek it, you must make the climb by Odin's side.
Keep the deity's words on your lips as you make for the great cup.


Gondul, maiden custodian of the golden wings.
Svafa, maiden custodian of the glove of power.

DF Tablet C-2.jpg
C-26th Child: Vanir

The lord sits on the true throne and incants "Fire, rain upon the earth".


Skogal and Reginlief, maiden custodians of the rustic and repurposed.

DF Tablet D-2.jpg
B-36th Child: Aesir

In Valhalla there is a pond of poisoned water.
The Vanir sunk their treasure in its tainted depths.


Brynhild, maiden custodian of the divine chalice.
Raogrior, maiden custodian of the golden-gleaming wrist guard.
Sigrun, maiden custodian of the lunar breastplate.

DF Tablet C-3.jpg
A-46th Child: Alfr

The Soul Gate is sealed by the souls of those who keep guard.
Extinguish the lights of souls etched above the gate.
Offer as many Guardians' lives as lights.
Then, lo, the gates shall open.

B-46th Child: Alfr

Four fairies live on in within Yggdrasil.
Their power will be revealed to those who obtain the Fairy King's grace.
The light of the fairies will summon a door.

C-46th Child: Alfr

This is the Divine Fortress.
Where the Aesir preside over their Vanir captives.

C-46th Child: Vanir

Vritra, the calamity of the Vanir's creation.
Created to overturn the prescripts of the end.
It slumbers in an Ankh, storing energy until that day arrives.

DF Tablet C-4.jpg
C-46th Child: Aesir

Aim and shoot.

D-46th Child: Aesir

Valhalla lies beyond the gate deep in the Divine Fortress.
We of Odin sealed it behind that gate.
Do not approach, unless you pine for the End.

E-46th Child: Aesir

The migratory ravens, Hugin and Mugin.
Odin's servants, and protectors of a sigil.

DF Tablet E-4.jpg
B-56th Child: Aesir

Valhalla, where the souls of warriors gather.
Where there are twelve thrones, rafters of spear shafts, and a roof thatched of

DF Tablet B-5.jpg
C-56th Child: Aesir

Shoot at the figure before you.

Shrine of the Frost Giants[edit | edit source]

A-11st Child: Anunnaki

The Destiny Tablet is the proof of dominion handed down by the Sky People.
The Anunnaki lord Anu set the fierce beast Anzu to guard it.

A-11st Child: Anunnaki

The Vedas Texts constitute a belief system.
One belief is that when we reach death, we will return to water.

C-12nd Child: Titan

The supernatural being Balor awaits beyond the eternally frozen sealed lands.
Balor keeps guard over the garb handed down by the Anunnaki.

Those who seek to don the garb must pass the pillar of swirling light, for then
neither heat nor cold shall ail them.

C-22nd Child: Titan

The giant Bergelmir supports the world of frost.
His awakening will melt even the eternal wall of ice.

D-22nd Child: Titan

A seal of piled soil rests atop Sakit's prison.
It will open by the words of Sakit's former association.

SFG Tablet D-2.jpg
C-32nd Child: Titan

From Balor's back erupt the seeds of hellfire.

D-36th Child: Lokapala

A pillar polished to a mirror sheen.
The means to grab onto it and swing around.
The tool to grab onto walls lies where fire and ice rage.

E-36th Child: Lokapala

Fill the hollowed pillar once again.

SFG Tablet E-3.jpg
A-42nd Child: Titan

The conflict among the 2nd Children was orchestrated by Abuto.
Blame fell entirely on Sakit's shoulders, who was banished to the Underworld
living. Condemned to have his intestines pecked for eternity.

B-46th Child: Lokapala

The Lokapala are united by Indra, a priest who has power over storms.


Vidofnir lives at Yggdrasil's peak.
At the treetop's highest point.

C-46th Child: Lokapala

Acceptance into the Fairy Guild lies at the Icefire Treetop.
Beyond the five pillars of ice.

E-46th Child: Lokapala

This is the destroyed branch.
It has no counterpart.

SFG Tablet E-4.jpg
B-56th Child: Lokapala

Light leaks from between the mirror-sheen pillars.

SFG Tablet B-5.jpg
C-56th Child: Alfr

This is the Shrine of the Frost Giants
The last lands of the extinct 2nd Children.

D-56th Child: Alfr

There is a fairy who bends weapons to its whim.
They who bring the weapon fairy Kara will verily surpass their potential.

E-52nd Child: Titan

Badhbh Cath, the raven of war.
Part the queen of demons, Morrigan.
Part the red-haired Macha.
And yet part the venomous Nemain.
When the trio of goddesses combine their power, Badhbh Cath shall appear.

B-61st Child: Anunnaki

Brahma created the world.
He sealed the light of creation's origin in a golden egg.
All was created from the colors of the light emanating from the egg.
The light the creator designed to speak of will be unleashed.

C-61st Child: Anunnaki

That which is correct goes unscathed.
That which is mistaken receives justice by sword.

D-66th Child: Alfr

Life is begotten of the cold soil.
The Birth Sigil lies in depths of deep, deep snow.

D-76th Child: Lokapala

The dissonance of the 2nd Children lies squarely on the Unforgivable Sinner
Sakit's shoulders. His unforgivable sin was to slay one of his own, bringing about
the destruction of his race.

Gate of the Dead[edit | edit source]

D-26th Child: Alfr

This is the Gate of the Dead.
The land where the pyramid that leads to the sky is sealed.

E-35th Child: Ennead

A white pedestal lies in a room of five statues.
Speak the words that represent Ra.

F-35th Child: Ennead

The Amarna acquired a colossal weapon, Aten.
From its body, modeled after the sun, sprout many arms, representing the sun.
New life is created from these arms.

B-45th Child: Ennead

You must be in the right space or the task at hand will not work to your favor.

C-45th Child: Ennead

The Gate of the Dead was created to seal the Amarna.
It leverages mystic Ennead means to warp space.
It connects the warped space of the Red Gate.

D-45th Child: Ennead

The Dark Lord's Mausoleum, the branch in which the Amarna reside.
The gate that leads there is sealed by four white pedestals.
The pedestals levy judgement against those who dare to place things on them.
They will only respond to a weight so slight as to go unnoticed.

F-45th Child: Ennead

There is a fairy who bestows prosperity.
They who bring the weapon[Error] Fairy Alruna will verily obtain prosperity.

B-55th Child: Ennead

Destroy the false tablet.

D-53rd Child: Olympian

Glasya-Labolas' chicanery is magical.
He will use it to pursue his enemies, even in death.

B-65th Child: Ennead

The treasure created by dwarven blacksmiths.
The mechanism to it is hidden by the dwarves.

C-65th Child: Ennead

One, and one alone, survives.

D-65th Child: Amarna

The answer does not lie with a single footprint.

Takamagahara Shrine[edit | edit source]

A-11st Child: Kotoamatsu

Takemikazuchi's Room lies beyond.


Amenowakahiko's departed wife finds her husband after death.
Or rather, a beast of destruction from the Underworld does in her form.
A beast that dwells beyond the false gate.

C-26th Child: Alfr

This is Takamagahara Shrine.
A land buried by the walls of those who have closed their hearts off to others.

C-21st Child: Kotoamatsu

From the foot of the wall, toward the sigil.

Taka Tablet C-2.jpg
D-21st Child: Kotoamatsu

Daji, the wielder of the nine tails.
The time during which you may do battle is limited.
Daji waits in the Execution Room.

D-31st Child: Anunnaki

Brahma asked Chaos, "What is creation?" Chaos responded only by existing.
"Creation is simply floating in the purple darkness."

D-31st Child: Kotoamatsu

The significant mechanism imparted by the Sky People is operated by trifling
power. That of the Ancient Cog.
Hold it up to a hole carved into a wall.

Taka Tablet D-3.jpg
B-46th Child: Vanir

In Valhalla are 12 thrones worthy of lords.
But there is only one throne for the true lord.
There the Vanir's hidden relic, the Knowledge from the Sky sleeps.

F-33rd Child: Olympian

Where is this?

C-43rd Child: Olympian

The labyrinth of the winged.
Wherin the Celestial Disk is housed.
A response will be given to the word that represents Heaven.

Taka Tablet C-4.jpg
C-53rd Child: Olympian

The Olympian Guardian, the Griffin.
Overcome the falling Griffin statue and disrupt the ring.

D-51st Child: Anunnaki

Satya Yuga is the gold age.
When all virtue is overflowing.

C-61st Child: Anunnaki

Daji hides the Egg of Creation.
The god of creation Brahma's dialogues on the nature of creation.
The sight of the egg will stir recollection.
And the god will speak again.

D-61st Child: Kotoamatsu

The breath that Takemikazuchi left is ablaze.
Though it will be swept away by proof of the time of creation.

C-71st Child: Anunnaki

The noble Sky People, the Anunnaki.
Diving reckoning will be dealt to those who dare to harm them.

D-71st Child: Kotoamatsu

The nine eyes will not overlook opposition.
They will tolerate standing before the object of your desires, and that alone.

Heaven's Labyrinth[edit | edit source]

B-13rd Child: Olympian

What's important is what's inside.
Try sitting.
Try placing your hand upon it.

B-11st Child: Anunnaki

Dvapara Yuga, the age of copper.
When disaster was wrought from virtue and sin in balance.

A-23rd Child: Olympian

Within the belly of the crawling infernal fiend.

B-23rd Child: Olympian

The twins protect an ancient key.
The cog that turns the great mechanism.
The twins protect a beast's jaw.

C-36th Child: Alfr

This is Heaven's Labyrinth.
The wake of the infernal fiend that lusts for the Mother's power.

C-33rd Child: Olympian

Those who turn the celestial bodies thrice shall see hell.

C-43rd Child: Olympian

Turning once will lead to the priestess.
Turning thrice will lead to the Griffin.

D-43rd Child: Olympian

Typhon will awaken by the two lights.
The lights will be cast upon two walls.
The light-obstructing walls will accept the light, and Typhon shall awaken.

A-53rd Child: Olympian

A vase that stocks the power of storms.
Stored in the Buried Fortress.

C-53rd Child: Olympian

Proceed down the path where backs face each other.

D-53rd Child: Olympian

Typhon's slumber is ongoing.
So it has been since the gate was sealed by the unruly four pillars.
The four pillars of Arachne, Scylla, Griffin, and Glasya-Labolas.

E-53rd Child: Olympian

The Gigas went down the path of imitating Mother's power.
They were sealed in these lands.
Their ensealment is entrusted entirely to Typhon.

Valhalla[edit | edit source]

C-16th Child: Alfr

Do not touch the spiraling light.
It will burn anything not born of this land to cinders.

D-11st Child: Anunnaki

Shiva sits in the heavens, from which he drops the light that burns the land below.
Vishnu sits in the heavens, from which he watches the land below.
The two gods fall from heaven over an old conflict.

Leaving behind Brahma, who is relocated to one of Yggdrasil's branches.
The primeval entity of many heads and arms, who watches over this world of his

A-26th Child: Vanir

This is the fortress of the Vanir, who defied the Aesir who sought to destroy
Yggdrasil. The calamity Vritra is sealed here until the day comes for the End.

C-26th Child: Vanir

Do not approach the Corridor of Blood.
Doing so will invite the End.
Those who brave the Corridor of Blood will be exiled to the land that is not.

Valhalla Tablet A-2.jpg
D-26th Child: Alfr

A child's heart sleeps in the Spiral Boat.
The spiral depths are nestled within the deeper, darker depths of the heart.
The child's heart is the final gate.

E-21st Child: Anunnaki

The Kamandalu Water Pot is tolerance.
It is the vessel which will tolerate any battle that provokes chaos.

A-36th Child: Alfr

There is a hidden means of binding to an Ankh.
The fate of those who bury their soul within an Ankh is tied to its Guardian.

B-36th Child: Alfr

This is Valhalla.
Where the souls of those fallen in battle are gathered.

B-36th Child: Alfr

The blue eye protects Yggdrasil.
It levels divine punishment against those who dare to harm the holy lands.

The red eye protects Yggdrasil.
It levels divine punishment against those pitiful few who ransack these lands.

C-36th Child: Vanir

The gold-plated giant Vucub Caquix is protected by his two sons.
The brothers Zipakna and Cabracan.

He will be awakened when the their lives are spent.

D-36th Child: Alfr

Dissonance lingers where Children of the same seed are in conflict.
When the calamity that governs conflict disappears, dissonance will be released.
And the stone with a face swallows it.

A-46th Child: Vanir

Cast a spear that penetrates the earth through the hole that runs through it.

B-46th Child: Vanir

The true lord of the Asura who deposed Vishnu from his seat in heaven,
Jalandhara. He is ensealed here so his terrible power may not be free.

C-46th Child: Vanir

Sit to proceed.

D-46th Child: Lokapala

There are two stone tablets that respond to the holy chalice.
The waves that warp the chalice's power will lead you to the black stone tablet.


There is one who assumes the same form as you.
And with it, the same strengths, against which there is no victory.
If you wish to destroy it stock strength in your body before unleashing it.

Dark Star Lord's Mausoleum[edit | edit source]

Note: Only the instructional tablets in C-7 are listed here. Please refer to the Dark Star Lord's Footprints page for the full listing of all tablets related to the puzzle.
B-25th Child: Amarna

The Pyramid Crystal restrains the power of the stars.
It wreaks havok on that which hides the power of the Dark Star.

C-25th Child: Amarna

Ammit, the monster that feasts on souls.
It hides in a garden, cloaked by the power of the stars.

A-35th Child: Amarna

Maat's ritual measures the weight of one's heart.
Sins must weigh balanced against Maat's feather.
The body must be innocent, free of excess.
Hearts that do not balance the scales will be devoured by Ammit.

B-35th Child: Amarna

The contents of the chest go to the one who already holds them high.

C-35th Child: Amarna

The pedestal of the Dark Lord is summoned by mantra.
Summoned to where the pyramid is held aloft.


The Eternal Prison, the Underworld.
A land that is part Doom, and part Gloom.
Doom that will destroy even flame.
It is a land too hostile to bear for a flame-bearer.

A-45th Child: Amarna

The power of the feather held by the Dark Lord.
The power to reach ever-greater heights.
It will pass to those who can harness the power of storms, and clear the corridor.

A-45th Child: Amarna

Gaze up at Heaven from this place.
Then, hidden relics shall be yours.

B-46th Child: Alfr

This is the Dark Star Lord's Mausoleum.
The land of they who plotted a path to the sky alongside their path of rebellion.

B-41st Child: Anunnaki

The power left by the Sky People is hidden amid an Ancient Chaos.
It is the manifestation of the power that will destroy Eg-Lana.

C-41st Child: Anunnaki

Treta Yuga, the age of silver.
When virtue declined and people came to lean on ceremony.

D-45th Child: Amarna

The lord of the sky looks down upon the Dark Star Lord's Pyramid.
Awaiting the birth of a new Dark Lord.
Testing whether they will be able to reach the ends of the Dark Star.

B-55th Child: Amarna

At the peak of the Dark Star Lord's Pyramid lies the Benben stone.
A throne where the recognized lord of the Dark Star is permitted to sit.
The lord with Heaven's mandate will arrive at Nibiru, at skies distant.

D-56th Child: Vanir

The mantra of fire represents battle.
It rests at the Fire Altar of the land where warriors gather.

B-65th Child: Amarna

Obtain the crystal that enseals a pyramid.
Then, all hidden in this land shall be revealed.
The truth of the pyramid will be exposed.

C-65th Child: Amarna

The Dark Lord could harness storms.

B-75th Child: Amarna

Judgement will be rendered before Maat.
To be prepared for judgement is to have a wicked heart.
An innocent heart knows no wickedness.
An innocent heart can balance the scales.
The undead Ammit will render the judgement.

DLM Tablet B-7.jpg
C-71st Child: Kotoamatsu

Trace the Dark Lord's footprints.

C-71st Child: Kotoamatsu

Incant the words of each of the five footprints in turn.
When the five words are spoken the road will appear.

D-75th Child: Amarna

We will forfeit the earth for the power of Heaven.
We will rise to the sky by way of the Dark Star Lord's pyramid.

Ancient Chaos[edit | edit source]

C-16th Child: Alfr

The altar of worship to Echidna lies in his lands, the lands of the Mother.

B-21st Child: Anunnaki

Accept Brahma's four trials.
The four faces are a means to see the four ages.
Place the correct offering in the correct hand for the correct age.
Then, Yggdrasil's all shall be revealed.

C-21st Child: Kotoamatsu

The path of blood leads to the Underworld.
A dangerous pitall, Fallandaforad.
At the bottom of its maw waits Hraesvelgr, the devourer of corpses.

AC Tablet C-2.jpg
D-26th Child: Alfr

You who possess all power, heed warning.
That excessive power is not to be used.

AC Tablet D-2.jpg
C-31st Child: Kotoamatsu

Do not becry that you do not what you wish for.
What you wish for exists precisely because there is nothing.
It is that which cannot be seen by the impatient.


Gnipahellir, the path from depths of the Underworld to even greater depths.
There rests the guard dog Garm.
It stands at the ready for a spinner of words.

D-31st Child: Anunnaki

The Padma Lotus begets blessing.
But blessings will not grace those for whom life is tangled with chaos.

A-41st Child: Anunnaki

There is nothing here.

B-46th Child: Alfr

This is Ancient Chaos. The first land to fall under the Sky People's dominion.

B-41st Child: Anunnaki

Pray to Anu.

AC Tablet B-4.jpg
C-45th Child: Ennead

The morning light turns his body to stone.
That light is etched by the ticking of time.
So henceforth, until the day the light etched by the ticking of time is erased.
Alviss will sleep.

D-41st Child: Kotoamatsu

The mythical beast Anzu hides its form.
It waits for one who can clear the spiraling light.

A-51st Child Anunnaki

Pray to Anu.

AC Tablet A-5.jpg
B-52nd Child: Titan

Mimir's well is the well of divine liquor.
Grant the Mother's wish with a howl for that which which is missing.

AC Tablet B-5.jpg
C-51st Child: Anunnaki

The two blue beasts.
If one is angered one shall close.
If both are angered, wisdom will be imparted.

D-51st Child: Anunnaki

Pray to Anu.

AC Tablet D-5.jpg
B-61st Child: Anunnaki

Abandon your desires.

C-61st Child: Anunnaki

At night, the malicious spirit of Ki-sikil-lil-la-ke haunts.
Only those with the power of storms about their person can defeat her.

C-61st Child: Anunnaki

The poisonous lava will melt even the Ice Cloak.
Brave it with garb that will withstand any heat.

D-71st Child: Anunnaki

The Sky People, the Anunnaki, arrived on Nibiru.
The arrived in a land where people could not live.
Among pure chaos, where neither air nor water existed.

Hall of Malice[edit | edit source]

C-13rd Child: Gigas

We sealed Echidna with our power.
If you seek the power to destroy Echidna, defeat the 11 children.
The cog will reawaken this land.

C-26th Child: Alfr

This is the Hall of Malice.
Where hatred begotten slumbers.

C-23rd Child: Gigas

The 11 children await down three paths.
Echidna will awaken when all three paths have been conquered.

D-21st Child: Anunnaki

The Kali Yuga is the age of steel now blunted.
The age where virtue disappeared, replaced by conflict and despair.

E-23rd Child: Olympian

The cog of ancient times lies with the twins.
It will be revealed by the accumulated power of ancient storms.

HoM Tablet E-2.jpg

The hidden relic of several generations sleeps in the Eternal Prison.
Hidden treasure sealed by a secret key.

A-43rd Child: Gigas

The fur of a Nemean lion.
Their pelts are tough enough to keep arrows from penetrating their mark.

B-41st Child: Anunnaki

Anzu, the lord of beasts that stops time.
Anzu's power is lost only when time is frozen.
They who can harness time will acquire the Destiny Tablet, proof of the Dark

D-43rd Child: Gigas

Bergelmir the giant rules over the world of frost.
When the earth and moon are seen in Heaven, he shall awaken.

G-46th Child: Alfr

Scream in the room where Echidna is worshipped.
Make your wishes heard.

HoM Tablet G-4.jpg
G-46th Child: Alfr

Search the Corridor of Blood.
There are lands that can only be reached by the alternative path.

D-53rd Child: Gigas

Destroy Typhon.

F-51st Child: Anunnaki

Brahma asked Odin, "What is creation?" Odin responded that all was birthed
from the remains of the primeval giant Ymir: "The glimmer of that which is birthed
from death is creation."

Eternal Prison - Gloom[edit | edit source]


The Last Gate to Hell, where the scythe-wielding Death God awaits.
His scythe afflicts death upon those who retire along the path.

E-11st Child: Kotoamatsu

Incant at the colossal dragon's neck:
"Heaven and earth, grind fire. And wind, flow into the sea".
Those words will lead you to the infernal fiend's jaw.


Hel resides on throne of the Underworld in her castle beyond the seven gates.
Do not attempt to face her in the nakedness of innocence.


The immortal giant who takes the form of an eagle, Hraesvelgr.
His soul, departed from his body, wanders Yggdrasil.
Unless his soul can be returned to a body, immortal he shall remain.


The Last Gate to Hell has endured several eras.
The gate's decoration was done by Hel's hand.
An unadorned gate is a gate to Hell.
The first gate will take something from your person.


The younger brother of the man who was murdered by the Trickster asked the
guard Modgud where his brother's soul was to be found. Hel answered:
"When all weep for your brother, his revival will be permitted."
However, the Trickster did not weep, and so Hermod's brother did not return.

D-46th Child: Alfr

This is the Eternal Prison.
A land where the souls of the dead gather. The prison of gloom.

D-45th Child: Amarna

Maat's Feather is proof of judgement.
It lies beyond the Dark Lord's footprint.
Where the last step is inverted.

EPG Tablet D-4.jpg

The statue of the guard dog, Garm.
Incant the words of awakening.


The words of the trials are the words of the lords.
The three pillars of light are the lords of the riddles.

B-66th Child: Lokapala

Svipdagr asked.
For the words that would allow entry to the fortress hidden in the earth.
She answered: "The wind stirs the sea, and fire burns the earth".


Hraesvelgr's Sigil.

EPG Tablet C-6.jpg
C-71st Child: Anunnaki

Brahma asked Abzu, "What is creation?" Abzu was begotten of pure waters, so
he answered that undefiled, clear waters are creation.


Eurydice was turned to stone for breaking the code of the Underworld.
The last thing she hears is a song close to her heart.
The song of Paradise, played by her husband.

Eternal Prison - Doom[edit | edit source]


Death awaits you if you descend below.

C-26th Child: Alfr

A rage-filled face warped with murderous intent.
They who wield excessive power.

EPD Tablet C-2.jpg
B-36th Child: Alfr

This is the Eternal Prison.
A land where the souls of the dead gather. The prison of doom.

A-46th Child: Alfr

The way into a child's heart is a mother's heart.
When the tightly-closed heart opens, light will bathe the mother's heart.

D-41st Child: Anunnaki

Brahma asked Amenomikanushi, "What is creation?" Ameterasu illuminated all
with a red light. The lives born from that are creation.


The Duat Room and the Room of Judgment go hand in hand.
No life can be guaranteed to those who do not possess the Proof of Judgement.

D-55th Child: Amarna

The lord's throne that ascends to Nibiru is in the Dark Lord's Pyramid.
The words needed to climb into the throne are hidden in footprints.
Footprints concealed by the Dark Lord.


Ah, prove your worth.
Ah, prove your worth.

We detest the intensity of pain.
Hopefully we will not have to endure that which we detest.
Behold the frozen ground at our feet.

Rejoice, for we will be rendered powerless!
Rejoice, for we will be rendered powerless!


Ah, prove your worth.
Ah, prove your worth.

You, who have come from the world of the living.
Who stands on the precipice of doom.
We will see the extent of your courage.
Then two of us will disappear.

Rejoice, for we will be rendered powerless!
Rejoice, for we will be rendered powerless!


Ah, prove your worth.
Ah, prove your worth.

Instill in us the fear of the unspoken.
We will hear the extent of your incanted silence.
Then two of us will disappear.

Rejoice, for we will be rendered powerless!
Rejoice, for we will be rendered powerless!


Stepping through a gate where what you hold is stolen will be counted.
But step through a gate where it is not, and we shall not.