Gate of Guidance

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Gate of Guidance
Japanese 導きの門 (Mayoi no Mon)
Gate of Guidance
Location La-Mulana

Previous Adventure

The Gate of Guidance is the first area of the La-Mulana Ruins which the player will enter from the Village of Departure. After the events of the first game, the ruins have become inactive and are in a state of disrepair, with ongoing reconstruction efforts being led by Samaranta. Having been turned into a tourist attraction by Elder Xelpud, new tablets detailing the history of the ruins can be found, with little in the way of danger besides bats. Portions of this and other connected areas in the ruins are blocked off, making the La-Mulana ruins a more linear experience akin to a tutorial section.

Gates[edit | edit source]

Room Type Destination
Door to Eden (A-3) Doorway Gate of Illusion (A-1)
Door to Eden (A-3) Elevator Mausoleum of the Giants (A-5) - After riding up.
(A-6) Exit (South) Mausoleum of the Giants (A-1)

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Shell Horn[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Heavenly Temple of the Cross (D-2)
    • Place a weight on the dais to unlock the chest.

Holy Grail[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Pit of the Holy Grail (B-4)
    • Jump up from the platform below the chest and hit it from the bottom with your whip to open it.

Bronze Mirror[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Pit of the Holy Grail (B-4)
    • The Bronze Mirror sits partially-hidden on a ledge in the upper-right portion of the room. You can reach it either by jumping across with the Gale Fibula or using the Feather.

Features[edit | edit source]

Traps[edit | edit source]

  • Heavenly Corridor (B-3): Walking onto the left end of the metal platform overhanging the pit will cause it to permanently break. The gap can still be cleared, but harder to do in a single jump.

Glossary ROMs[edit | edit source]

Alsedana[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Room of Courage (E-2)
    • Sitting on the floor in the upper-right corner of the room.

Lemeza Kosugi[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Heavenly Temple of the Cross (D-2)
    • From the upper-right part of (C-2), jump straight up the ladder (without grabbing on to it) and then jump again through the fake wall on the right. Requires the Feather to reach.
    • Note: This location marks the original entrance to Hell Temple in the first La-Mulana.

Samaranta[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Door to Eden (A-3)
    • Can be seen among the rubble in the lower-left pathway.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Hiner[edit | edit source]

  • Location: (B-4)
    • Note: Hiner's shop will not be open for business until after you defeat Nidhogg.

Map[edit | edit source]

1 Pillars Gate (C-1)
2 Heavenly Temple of the Cross (C-2) Heavenly Temple of the Cross (D-2) Room of Courage (E-2)
3 Door to Eden {A-3} Heavenly Corridor (B-3) Heavenly Corridor (C-3)
4 Pit of the Holy Grail (B-4)
5 Pit of the Holy Grail (B-5)
6 Monument of Time (A-6) Monument of Time (B-6)