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Fairies are helpful familiars which can be summoned to help you throughout the ruins. By stepping into Fairy Lights scattered throughout the ruins, a fairy you have unlocked will appear on screen, following Lumisa around for several minutes before departing. Once you have summoned a fairy, you cannot summon another for a fixed amount of time, though this can be circumvented by saving and reloading your game.

There are four types of fairies, each of which must be unlocked individually in order to summon them. Fairies are summoned in the following fixed order:

  • Healing, Healing, Weapon, Healing, Treasure, Healing, Key

You can cancel a summoning by exiting the screen during the animation. Doing this will allow you to cycle through the order above. Each fairy has a unique color and summoning pattern, making it easy to identify which one will appear.

Once you obtain the requisite Applications, you can use certain combinations to summon a specific fairy. The combinations are as follows:

App 1 App 2 Fairy
Miracle Witch Bounce Shot Weapon
Miracle Witch Space Capstar II Treasure
Miracle Witch Mekuri Master Key

In order to unlock all but the Healing Fairy, you will need to first obtain the Fairy Guild Pass.

Healing Fairy (Eir)[edit | edit source]

Weapon Fairy (Kara)[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Shrine of the Frost Giants (C-4) - Purchase from the Fairy Guild General for 300 coins.
  • Ability: Fights together with you in combat. Unlike La-Mulana, she seeks out and slashes enemies with her twin swords instead of copying your sub-weapon.
    • Note: Known to cause some game-breaking bugs. See Known Issues for more info.

Treasure Fairy (Alruna)[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Dark Star Lord's Mausoleum (B-6) - Purchase from the Fairy Guild Lieutenant for 300 coins.
  • Ability: Causes all pots to drop more coins, as well as Enemies to drop more coins and soul stones while she is onscreen. Excellent for making money.
    • Note: From initial testing, it appears that Alruna does not increase coin drops from pots that have a set number of coins I.E. 10,30,50,100. Test on 100 coin pots in Immortal Battlefield and Shrine of the Frost Giants, as well as a 50 coin pot in Dark Star Lord's Mausoleum. Possibly a bug.

Key Fairy (Herja)[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Eternal Prison - Gloom (D-6) - Purchase from the Fairy Guild Corporal for 400 coins.
  • Ability: Marks nearby false walls with a glowing key symbol, indicating a secret. Certain secrets can only be directly unlocked by her. Disappears immediately after revealing one secret.
    • Unlocking all secrets which require the Key Fairy will net you the Master Key achievement.