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Collectibles (a.k.a. Pickups) are a class of small items which drop from various sources that can be picked up from the environment. Upon gathering, the quantity obtained will briefly display over Lumisa's head. If allowed to remain onscreen for too long, they will begin to flicker and eventually disappear, so be sure to gather them up quickly.

Coins[edit | edit source]

Coins are a generic form of currency used throughout the game. They come in various denominations and are usually found by breaking pots or defeating Enemies and Sub-Bosses. These are necessary to purchase many essential items found in the various shops throughout the ruins.

The current amount of coins being carried can be seen in the upper-right portion of the screen. The maximum number of coins that can be carried is 999, but this can be increased with a special item.

If you're looking for ways to obtain quick cash, check out Making Money.

Soul Stones[edit | edit source]

Soul Stones (sometimes referred to as Experience) are floating green orbs left behind by Enemies and Sub-Bosses when defeated. Collecting them will gradually fill the blue Soul Meter below your health - once it has completely filled, your health will be fully restored and the Soul Meter will reset to zero. As your maximum health increases by collecting Sacred Orbs, so too does the amount of Souls needed to refill it.

The number of Souls obtained is displayed briefly overhead upon pickup. Higher amounts of Souls will appear as a larger Soul Stone. Certain Applications can be used to increase the number of Souls dropped by enemies. The exact number of souls dropped by enemies can be seen in-game within their respective Glossary entries, and these are also listed on their respective wiki pages.

Weights[edit | edit source]

Weights are the most essential mechanism for solving puzzles in the ruins. Weights are needed to activate pedestals. Though a select number of Enemies and pots can drop weights, the most reliable way to acquire them is to purchase them in shops. It is always a good idea to carry more than you think you'll need.

The current amount of weights being carried can be seen in the upper-right portion of the screen.

The following is a complete list of shops that sell weights.

Name Location
Nebur Village of Departure (C-4)
Hiner Gate of Guidance (B-4)
Korobock Roots of Yggdrasil (C-5)
Venom Ancient Chaos (D-6)
Pym Annwfn (E-1)
Kero Dark Star Lord's Mausoleum (C-2)
Shuhoka Divine Fortress (B-5)
Aytum Gate of the Dead (B-3)
Fairylan Hall of Malice (G-4)
BTK Icefire Treetop (A-1)
Mino Icefire Treetop (C-4)
Peibalusa Immortal Battlefield (E-1)
Hiro Roderick Immortal Battlefield (G-6)
Hydlit Shrine of the Frost Giants (A-5)
Ash Geen Takamagahara Shrine (C-4)
Bargain Duck Valhalla (D-4)

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Ammunition (or Ammo) is required to use most Sub-Weapons, becoming gradually depleted upon use. Ammo can purchased from most shops after the relevant sub-weapon has been obtained. Ammo can also occasionally be found in certain pots and dropped by Enemies.

The current amount of ammo available for a sub-weapon can be viewed over its icon in the upper-right portion of the screen as well as in the Item menu. The maximum amount of ammo you can carry varies by sub-weapon.

There is a special hot spring which temporarily allows you to use sub-weapons without consuming ammo.

Refer to Sub-Weapons#Ammunition for a complete listing of shops which have ammo available for each sub-weapon.